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How to Connect Tiles to a Wooden Surface

Although wooden flooring and tiles are very different – the former is soft and fairly flexible while the latter is stiff and deliberately designed not to flex – it’s possible to install tiles on top of a wooden surface with relative ease.

Installing tiles on top of wooden flooring isn’t quite as simple as installing tiles onto con

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How to Fit a Vanity Unit

Are you planning to renovate your home? One of the best places to start renovating and redecorating your home is the bathroom, where small changes such as new tiles or a more modern vanity unit can make a huge difference to its appearance.

Vanity units are versatile and stylish pieces of bathroom furniture that can define a bathroom’s a

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How to Cut Tiles Straight

For the most part, tiling a floor or feature wall is a simple, albeit somewhat time-consuming process. From preparing the floor to mixing the mortar and laying the tiles, the process of tiling is a simple, straightforward one that anyone can do.

Reach an oddly-shaped corner or curve in the wall, however, and even the most detailed tiling

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Win £500 To Retile Your Bathroom #TDTileComp

When it comes to the bathroom, don’t you want yours to be a little bit special? The bathroom deserves our love. It keeps us clean and looking great, so it’s only fair we should return the favour.

Here’s your chance to do something about it. We’re holding a fantastic competition which will brighten anyone’s day.

We’re gi

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When Rogue Traders Attack: Knowing Your Rights

Whether you’re tiling your kitchen or modifying your garden, hiring a professional is a great way to save time and avoid the stress and difficulties that can come with a do-it-yourself project.

While the vast majority of tradespeople are competent, hardworking and fair, a tiny minority of rogue traders who threaten customers, operate sc

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How to Repair or Replace Cracked Tiles

Nothing ruins the appearance of a beautiful tiled wall or floor likes cracks, scratches and other imperfections. Luckily, scratches and other tile marks can be repaired or, if required, replaced without much hassle.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to repair common tile problem including cracks and chips. We’ll also show you how to r

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How to Use Colour Psychology in Kitchen Design

Did you know that changing one feature in your kitchen, living space or bedroom could completely change the way you respond to it? We’re not talking about new furniture or lighting, but colour – a part of interior design that many ignore.

From bright colours that introduce energy and life into your kitchen to light, low-contrast colou

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7 Creative Things You Can Do With Tiles and Tile Cut Offs

So you’ve redone your bathroom or kitchen. It’s looking really good. Better than good, everything is looking perfect.

But what’s that in the corner over there? A few remaining tiles; the excess you don’t need and the cut offs you don’t want. The unlucky batch that didn’t make it into your grand design.

Remember, there

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How To Prepare Your Bathroom for Guests

Are you preparing to host guests? Whether you’re preparing for a dinner party or inviting family or friends to stay for several nights, tidying up your bathroom is an excellent way to make a good impression and ensure your guests are comfortable. Contin

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Step-By-Step Guide To Renovating Your Kitchen

Did you know the price of an average kitchen renovation is around £6,000? Renovating a kitchen is a big job, one of the largest you can undertake when it comes to the interior of your home. This is why it has to be done right.

Planning – It goes without saying

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