7 Creative Things You Can Do With Tiles and Tile Cut Offs

So you’ve redone your bathroom or kitchen. It’s looking really good. Better than good, everything is looking perfect.

But what’s that in the corner over there? A few remaining tiles; the excess you don’t need and the cut offs you don’t want. The unlucky batch that didn’t make it into your grand design.

Remember, there’s still hope for them. We’ve got seven creative ways for you to spruce up your home using those tile cut offs.

Seven things you can quickly and easily do to enhance your décor prevent throwing away materials that can still be used in an original and effective way!

1. Coasters

Amazingly simple, yet really effective. Tiles can provide great use as coasters for your hot and cold drinks. Almost any design you care to think of can be created using tiles as a canvas. By using a few simple tools, colouring materials or even fabrics, your excess tiles can be transformed into beautiful and innovative coasters which you’ll be proud to show off when having guests round.

Of course, you might need you need to make them waterproof to prevent staining. This can easily be done with a waterproof clear sealer spray.

Tile Coasters

Image by Lee Meredith/CC 2.0

Image via lifeyourway


2. Art canvas

Think coasters but on a larger scale. By collecting several tile pieces or full tiles, you can fashion a makeshift ‘canvas’ for you to create some truly beautiful artwork. Locking together your tile pieces allows you to make any shape of canvas that you like. It doesn’t have to be the traditional square or rectangle. Once you’ve painted a design, it can be hung or placed in the home to add your own personality. Remember you can also attach it to existing walls for a more permanent addition also.

Art Canvas

Image via 365days

Tile Art

Image by Marie-Lan Nguyen/Wikimedia


3. Tops for damaged/ruined tables

Those who have a thrifty eye for bargains and consider themselves creative might be interested in combining the two for an effective addition to the home. Using cuts offs on old damaged table tops gives them a vintage and retro aesthetic. A lick of paint and you’ve got a unique piece of furniture you’ll be proud to show off.

Tiled Table Tops

Image via Antiek-Design/Free to use

Table Tile

Image via Robin/CC 2.0


4. Bathroom Decorations

If you’re remodelling the bathroom and you have excess tiles, there’s an opportunity to really make that bathroom your own and create a stunning design that’s three-dimensional and striking. For example, you can fashion many different shapes to build a relief that’s unique and beautiful.

Lizard Mosaic Tile Image

Image via Powercube/CC 2.0


5. Mirror Linings

If you have a plain mirror, you can use pieces of tile to enhance the look. Lining the outer edge of a mirror with tile pieces gives it a real Mediterranean look and is one of the easier ways to use tiles. Simply lay out the tiles in the way you want, apply a double sided tile adhesive and replace carefully back onto the mirror. Simple.

Mosaic Mirror Border

6. Plant pots mosaics

When you have a wide selection of different tiles and cut offs, then you can take the smaller pieces and arrange them as the outer layer of your plant pots. The striking differences in colour can make them stand out in the garden, and it doesn’t take a lot to create, just your imagination and a little adhesive.

Plant Pot Mosaic

Image via Brainstorm/Free to use

Tile Plant Pot

Image by niki.mosaic/CC 2.0


7. Place cards

If you’ve got a few corner tiles lying about, then they would make really nice place cards. Corner tiles are brilliant for this but any flat tile can be cut down and used. With a little paint you can fashion a decorative design, whilst using dry-erase pens will allow you to use and re-use the cards to pre-plan seating or label condiments in quite a stylish manner.

Place Cards

Image via Madiganmadeblog

Tile Place Cards

Image by emthegem/Labelled for Reuse


This is just a taste of the variety on offer. There’s plenty you can do with excess tiles and their cut offs, ranging from decorating your outdoor pathways, enhancing shelves or window sills, and even making beautiful splash back designs in the kitchen.


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Featured Image Source/CC2.0