9 Out of 10 People In UK Don’t Give Water Usage Any Concern

Whilst taking a bath is certainly a relaxing way to spend time, it seems the UK is becoming a shower nation. We conducted a recent survey asking people whether they preferred to take showers or baths, and why.

The results were interesting as they highlighted that 64% of people take a shower over baths, with the majority of these people being men.

Showers account for 25% of all water usage in the home. However, 91% of the people surveyed did not give water usage any concern when it came to cleaning. The main reason given was ‘convenience’, followed by ‘comfort.’ Ecological concerns were last with only 9% giving it a priority.

Overall, 70% of males preferred this form of cleaning, whilst only 45% of women said the same thing. Here are some other interesting statistics gleaned from our survey:

  1. Not one age group surveyed preferred taking a bath over a shower.
  2. Over 70% of all salary ranges surveyed (-£10,000 to +£40,000) voted for showers.
  3. The average amount of showers taken per week was four. Baths are taken once a week on average.

The good news is that a shower does use far less water than a bath. The UK uses around two billion litres of water on a daily basis, with a full bath taking up to 80 litres. An average shower of a few minutes will often only use around 35 litres.