Get the Look: Classic

Give your home a timeless elegance by opting for the Classic look. Clean lines, simple shapes and traditional pieces of furniture converge to give a look that is homely and we coming, yet undeniably stylish.


Pale beige or cream wall tiles give bathrooms a clean, structured look, which works beautifully when juxtaposed with the soft curves of a rounded free-standing bath. Matching accessories, from beige or cream towels to coordinating soap dispenser sets, carry on the uncomplicated elegance; personality can be injected into the room with feature plants, pale-coloured candles, and - to bring a traditional feel to the room - a dark wood side table finishes the look.


In kitchens, laundry rooms and hallways, terracotta tiles nod to traditional country living, while clean white walls keep the rooms light and airy - a must for smaller, busy spaces. Solve storage problems with wicker baskets to evoke a homely farmhouse-style atmosphere.

Black and white chequered floors are easily created with tiles, and give a striking finish. This look is not just for kitchens and bathrooms; your lounge can take on a new level of classic glamour when you forego carpets in favour of the sleeker option. Don't be afraid to team your checkerboard floor with contradictory elements; striped wallpaper in a light beige and white design looks particularly effective against the bold floor.


Furniture should be in neutral shades to tie the bolder elements together beautifully, and to give the eye a resting point from where it can take in the room as a whole. A softer element can be brought to the room with carefully chosen accents of colour: cushions in pastel shades and framed artwork in candy hues inject colour but ensure the effect is calming and muted. Keep window dressings to a minimum to ensure the room benefits from maximum sunlight. The pale shades in the décor make the most of any light, but white-shaded lamps are a beautiful and useful addition to your room.