Get The Look: Monochrome

Think of the monochrome style as a blank canvas for other ideas - after all, the colours establish a formidable base onto which you can add more personal touches. By following these top tips, you will keep yourself on the right path and enjoy your sanctuary of choice to an even greater degree.

With monochromatic designs, it's important that you emphasise the cleanliness of the space you apply the style to. As such, remember that a mixture of shiny and reflective surfaces - well-polished ones at that - are important. Ceramic or porcelain tiles in stark black and whites work well on the walls as part of borders (whether smaller-patterned tile boards or bigger stand-alone offerings), while gloss paint in light creams or bright whites will go well on any wall. Consider painting floorboards white, though don't overlook the possibility of classic diamond-patterned matt floor tiles.

Classic furniture always ties in nicely with the monochromatic look; a chaise longue or a Chesterfield couch can fit in perfectly, though don't be afraid to be a little more daring with your choices. For example, complex and edgy couches or tables will give a real X factor to your room that will separate it from any other. Polygonal shapes are great, but don't leave your comfort zone completely; you want to feel at home in the room.

One of the truly important things about monochromatic colour schemes is the choice of lighting. It's a really cheap and effective way to impose a different mood in a room, especially with such stark shades being used. While complex lamps and modern lighting designs will take pride of place in any room (notably spotlights), be sure to prioritise large and small lights separately, as well as those fitted with dimmers.

Finally, remember that black and white can be combined with any accent colour. A room's décor doesn't have to consist of these two shades alone - you shouldn't feel like it will spoil the effect to inject other hues here and there. Splashes of colour are best added through soft furnishings, such as pillows and cushions, or with coloured furniture, artwork and even lighting.

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