Get the Look: Colour

Whether you want your home to lift your mood every day or reflect your effervescent personality, bringing a burst of colour into your décor can work wonders. It’s the perfect way to make the most of a smaller space, create interest in a large open space, or put your mark on each room in your home so that it really feels like yours.

Let your favourite colour steal the show in any room by creating a feature wall from glossy, pop-bright tiles. Keep the other walls plain, but pick up your chosen colour in other accessories, from light shades to vases to kitchen utensils. Plain white floor tiles look sleek and modern, and let your feature wall do the talking.

If you are feeling brave, use coloured tiles all around your room for a modern, vibrant look. In the bathroom, blue tiles laid up to a wall's halfway point and topped off with matching white tiles create an eye-catching look that is fun yet classic, thanks to the nautical shades. Red accessories finish the cheering colour scheme.

In rooms that can often appear bland and lack personality, mixed colour tiles deliver a burst of character that will lift the whole room out of the mundane and into pop art-inspired vibrancy. In kitchens, a feature section of coloured mosaic tiles by the cooker or sink looks great, while in bathrooms full walls of coloured tiles give a stunning - and very fun - finish.

Bright colours work in darker rooms just as well as in light-filled spaces, as they lift the spirits making the area more welcoming and useable. Just make sure you let the colours really pop by lighting the room well. If you've gone for the multi-coloured route, pick out one colour from your bright medley and reflect it in lampshades or overhead light fittings.

Any room boasting an exciting colour pop can carry off the boldest designs and styles when it comes to furnishings. Don’t be afraid to go for unusually shaped chairs, tables and ornamental art - your room can handle it.

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