Get the Look: Natural

Bring a freshness and simplicity into your life by opting for the natural look in your home.

It's all about balancing lightness and warmth to create a space that is fresh, clean-looking, yet truly inviting, and this can be done with the right décor. Soft, calming shades of cream are warmed by marbled accents of caramel in natural slate tiles, making them the perfect choice to spread across both floors and ceilings. Natural stone tiles deliver a striking impressiveness yet they create the sleek simplicity you want in a natural-themed home. For an injection of colour, a neutral room can be punctuated with darker coloured mosaic tiles laid out to create a feature wall or to highlight an area.


Richly coloured dark-wood furniture should be set against the cool shades of the background décor to bring a more homely, comfortable feeling to each room. Any exposed beams should be embraced - work lighting around them for maximum attention. In a less traditional house, horizontally slatted headboards, sturdy oak kitchen tables and grand dark wood-framed mirrors create a similar feel. Let textiles soften the look; natural linen, silk and cotton in muted shades are perfect.


In the bathroom, a stand-alone bath brings connotations of years gone by, yet injects grandeur into the room. Why not opt for a granite sink and add accents of the outside world with indoor plants such as orchids and pebble-coloured bathroom accessories.

In a natural-themed home, having a choice of lighting is perfect. Bright spotlights illuminate each feature to create an open, fresh feel in your home, but when it's time to wind down and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere delivered by your calming décor, simple lamps should be available to cast a soft warming glow across each room.


Colour schemes should be naturally-inspired throughout, with nothing darker than the deepest chestnut brown, and no harsher pale hue than soft cream.


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