How To Add Value To Your Bathroom And Kitchen

When renovating your property, your bathroom and kitchen should be a priority.  The bathroom is a key focal point for home-buyers and tenants.

Tiles are not just a source for beauty and enjoyment, but actually as an investment which will add value to your home.

The safest option to choose is white and cream hues of colours, which will give the illusion of more space if your bathroom is fairly small, while a combination of dark and light can spark an interesting visual contrast in an otherwise simple room.

We recommend Texas White Wall tiles, a  smooth and glossy ceramic white with subtle grey marble effect patterning.

Texas white



A useful tip would be to keep your bathroom design in the same period as the rest of your house. If you house has more of a classic touch and you would like a modern bathroom, you can still achieve this by having modern touches, such as a washbasin.

What is the best material to invest in?

The best material to invest in for your bathroom would be any material that is made from natural stone. Granite, travertine, quartz and marble will all create and timeless, beautiful appearance for your bathroom, and are very long lasting.

If you are on a tight budget, however then our range of porcelain and ceramic stone effect imitate the natural stone tiles, but are at a fraction of price! Using modern inkjet  manufacturing techniques,the  tile designs are more realistic and far less repetitive compared to older techniques.