How to Clean Tiles

To keep your bathroom looking stunning, you'll have to get cleaning tiles on a regular basis. While it may initially seem like an arduous process, a semi-regular schedule should make the exercise easy and boost the beauty of your wet room with little fuss. By following these top tips, you can keep your bathroom nice and shiny for much longer.

What you'll need

Tile cleaner

Scrub sponge

Grout brush

Rubber gloves

Mask (optional)

Step one: Mix your solution

As per the manufacturer's instructions, mix your cleaning solution of choice. Whether it's vinegar-based, a specialised chemical solution or otherwise, it's best to leave it standing for 15 minutes to ensure it is fully mixed. This process, as well as the entire cleaning procedure, should be done with rubber gloves - after all, the solution can be harmful to skin.

Step two: Get scrubbing!

Get your scrub sponge and your solution and get your hands dirty. Firstly, you need to start cleaning the surface of the tiles before moving onto the grout. An alcohol-based solution is often seen as the best thing to have when cleaning bathroom tiles, and it tends not to have the same pungent smell as white vinegar.

Step three: Hit the tough stains hard

Tougher stains can be truly annoying, though they may simply require a different cleaning solution for the task. Weak bleach is perhaps the best liquid application for the tiles themselves.

Step four: Addressing the dirty grout

Grout often deserves stronger bleach or cleaning solutions to pair up with the stiff, strong grout brush. This means that you'll need a safer approach to cleaning. Be sure the room is well ventilated by opening the window, and tackle mould and mildew with the use of bleach. Bleaching powder, as a harsh chemical, requires a mask while applying.

Step five: The finishing touches

When cleaning the surface in the final stages, use a soft and simple cleaning solution. By using microfibre mops or cloths, you can get rid of every last bit of this solution. The addition of citric acid or lemon juice to a cleaning solution will also give a relaxing aroma for the bathroom.

Naturally, the more you do this process, the easier it will be and the nicer your bathroom will look!