How to Cut Tiles

DIY tile cutting is easy when you know how – even for beginners. Plus, it can save you a great deal of money that would otherwise be spent on getting the professionals in. Cutting tiles can be rather enjoyable, and with the right preparation you can achieve a real sense of achievement with the finished product.

Before you begin to tile the area, you may need to cut the tiles for finishing and corners. In addition, you will need to make preparations to ensure that the job runs as smoothly as possible. These include preparing the surface area, removing any fixtures and measuring the area – marking the tiles that need to be cut to these measurements.

What you will need: 


1) Preparing to Cut

Before you start cutting tiles using this method, first line up each tile by moving the carriage of the cutter in a motion towards you. Make sure the position of the blade is hitting the tile cutting marks you have made on the tile.

2) Positioning the Blade

When you are ready to cut the tile, be sure to move the carriage to the mark closest to you and position the blade on the edge of the tile.

3) Cutting the Tile

After placing the tile in the correct position, use a forward motion to score the tile all the way along. Good quality tile cuttersshould score the tile once – accurately and neatly. However, some tiles are easier to cut than others, depending on the finish of their surface.

4) Snapping the Tile

Finally, before you break the unwanted section from the tile you are working with, check that it is still in the correct position on the tile cutter. When snapping each tile, bring the handle of the tile cutter towards you firmly – you should end up with a cleanly cut tile that is ready for use