How to Tile Around a Corner

External corners

Using a tile trim around external corners is easy to do and gives a professional looking finish. Trims come in a variety of types and sizes.

Tile both walls on either side of the corner, leaving off the cut/edge tiles. Make sure the horizontal guide line is the same on both walls. Coat the corner edge of the walls with adhesive and lay the tile trim all the way down the corner edge, using a plumb line or spirit level to make sure that it’s straight. Then put the cut tiles in place. Remove any excess adhesive and leave to dry before grouting (as shown on the How to Tile a Wall guide).

Internal corners

The corners between two walls are rarely truly vertical, so it is best to measure and cut each tile individually. After cutting each tile, check the fitting and if necessary, you can make small adjustments with tile nippers or a tile file. When you are happy with the fit, apply the adhesive to the back of each cut tile and put into place. For a professional looking finish we recommend using a bead of silicone or an internal corner trim.

Window recesses

Tile the wall as shown on the How to Tile a Wall guide, trimming the last row so that it fits flush with the recess. Cut the tiles to the width of the recess. Spread the adhesive using the serrated edge of the spreader to form ridges. Place the first tile in the middle of the recess, so it lines up with the wall tile, making sure the cut edge of the tile is at the back and the uncut edge at the front. Work out to the edges of the recess, cutting a tile on either end to fit.

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