Perfect Bathroom Tiles for 2014

Bathroom trendsetters are predicting that the humble tile is set to take a starring role in home makeovers all over the UK.

With more choice of size, colour and style available than ever before, wall tiles and floor tiles are an affordable and fashionable way to update your bathroom, whether you’re planning a huge overhaul or a timely refresh.

Floor tiles and wall tiles are a great way to make a statement. Mosaic tiles and scored tiles have had a revival in recent years and are being used to create glamorous feature walls, from the glitzy Atlantic Silver Mosaic  to the more minimalist (but no less fabulous) AM Galaxy Black – both available from Tile Depot.

Colour-wise, more and more people are taking the plunge with bold colours – after all, your bathroom is probably your smallest room so why not express yourself?

Try a pillar box red or sky blue to really make a splash where it counts.


Create a striking statement with these brick-red tiles, with interesting reflections and patterns of light and shadow.  We recommend Tile Depot Queen's Tile in Red:


Brighton Blue


Add a pop of colour into your bathroom with deep ocean blue tiles. These tiles feature a verticle lines , creating the illusion of a taller room

When it comes to colour it’s worth bearing in mind a few simple style rules – lighter colours will give the illusion of more space if your bathroom is fairly small, while a combination of dark and light can spark an interesting visual contrast in an otherwise simple room.

There’s a huge range of floor tiles on the market at the moment (just make sure they’re slip resistant so you don’t take a tumble in bare feet!) – how about the moody Manhattan black to bring a touch of drama to proceedings? Dark floors are also easier to clean - leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your new bathroom!

Little luxuries like underfloor heating and LED mirrors are a fast track way to your bathroom space into a luxurious sanctuary where you can unwind and soak away the stress of everyday life. We love the HIB backlit future mirror – it’s the perfect way to sprinkle some glamour onto your morning routine!