How To Prepare Your Bathroom for Guests

Are you preparing to host guests? Whether you’re preparing for a dinner party or inviting family or friends to stay for several nights, tidying up your bathroom is an excellent way to make a good impression and ensure your guests are comfortable.


In this guide, we’ll share 10 simple but effective ideas that you can use to make your bathroom feel more comforting, welcoming and convenient for guests the next time a friend or family member comes to stay.


Prepare a selection of clean towels

After a long journey, nothing feels better than relaxing with a warm bath and a crisp, clean towel. Prepare a selection of clean towels – hand towels and bath towels – for your guests and stack them in your bathroom before they arrive.

Make sure you provide two towels for female guests – one each for their hair and one for their body. A stack of fresh, clean towels helps your guests enjoy the hotel experience in your home.



Run the water before your guests arrive

Do you rarely use your guest bathroom? If you haven’t run the water in your guest bathroom for several weeks, let the taps (in both the sink and the bath/shower) run for a few minutes the day before your guests arrive.

In houses with old plumbing, water can sit in the pipes for weeks and start to smell rusty and ‘hard.’ Use this as an opportunity to scrub the shower, sink and bathtub to make sure everything is clean and fresh for your guests.

Replace bars of soap with liquid soap

Make sure you purchase liquid soap instead of the standard bar of soap when you’re stocking up your guest bathroom. Liquid soap can be used by many guests without it ever coming into contact with their body, saving you money.

To save yourself washing hand towels, you can also place a box of tissues and paper towels beside your sink. Simple tricks like this save you another trip to the shops to stock up on soap and other bathroom accessories.



Scrub, mop and vacuum everything

When your bathroom is rarely used, dust and dirt can easily settle on the floor and at the bottom of the bathtub. Make sure you scrub, mop and vacuum your bathroom before guests arrive so that it’s perfect once they step inside.

Make sure you clean up at least 24 hours in advance so that the bathroom doesn’t smell like cleaning products when your guests step in. Open the windows to clear the air and freshen up the guest bathroom for their arrival.


Stock up on shampoo and body wash

 “I place a basket (wire, wicker, whatever) with a blow dryer, shampoo and conditioner, a shower cap and some shower gel, lotion, a nail file and a good hand cream in the bathroom just in case my guest forgot anything at home.”

- Laura Carson Miller


Most guests will bring their own shampoo and body wash, but many others might forget to pack theirs. Having your own shampoo and body wash saves guests from having to ask for yours or make a trip to the nearest supermarket.

Buy a bottle of shampoo, conditioner and body wash and keep them in your guest bathroom for whenever someone comes to visit. Stick to unisex brands and avoid cheap, cost-cutter body soaps and shampoos to make sure your guests feel great.



Leave flowers or light a scented candle

Do you need to prepare your guest bathroom in a hurry? Once you’ve cleaned up, light some scented candles to clear the smell of cleaning products and make your guest bathroom smell fresh, clean and welcoming.

Another great way to make your guest bathroom smell fresh and welcoming is by placing a vase with flowers on the counter. You can also light candles in your guest bedroom to freshen up the air before your visitors arrive.


Check that the shower drain is clear

Dirt, dust and hair can block your shower drain and leave guests in a deep puddle of water while they bathe. Before guests arrive, unscrew your shower drain and check the catch underneath it to make sure the water won’t pool up.

If the catch is full, clean it out and run the shower to make sure it drains properly. A blocked shower drain won’t just annoy your guests – it can also surprise them when they shower and make them worry about flooding your bathroom.

Provide bandages and basic pain relief

Before your guests arrive, go through your bathroom cabinet and remove medicines and other personal products you don’t want them seeing. Replace with a small pack of bandages, aspirin and other everyday medication that guests might need.

It’s also a good idea to provide a fresh tube of toothpaste, moisturiser and everyday hygiene items that your guest may have forgotten. Remember that your guests may have travelled in a rush and forgotten useful everyday hygiene items.


Make sure you have a lined bin

This one’s easy to forget but incredibly important. From tissues to female hygiene products, your guests will need a lined (and preferably covered) bin for disposing of unwanted items.

As well as providing a bin stock up on disposable bathroom items before your guests arrive. Having an extra roll or two of toilet paper and a box of tissues or makeup remover pads will make your guests feel much more comfortable.


Leave some toothbrushes and razors

Just like soap and shampoo, it’s easy to forget toothbrushes and razors. Buy a spare pack of toothbrushes and disposable razors and leave them on the counter so that your guests know they’re prepared if anything is forgotten.

For the true ‘hotel experience,’ you can also provide guests with shower caps, a hair dryer and other useful accessories. Don’t worry about overstocking – anything that isn’t opened can be kept and used for the next time guests come to visit.


By following these few simple tips, you can make your bathroom worthy of any guest who visits. If you are interested in enhancing your bathroom even further, why not check out our selection of attractive wall and floor tiles?