Tile Care & Maintenance Tips

Tile Care & Maintenance Tips

However clean and tidy you keep your house, it's inevitable that sooner or later you'll need to give your tiles a good scrub. This handy guide should help to make tile care a breeze, and by using grout sealant you can reduce the need for further cleaning.

What you will need:

  • Liquid soap, or pH-balanced tile cleaner
  • A nylon brush, and toothbrush for smaller areas
  • A cloth
  • A dry duster
  • A dry towel
  • Rubber gloves
  • Tile and grout sealant



First of all, make sure your tile cleaner is not a scouring powder, bleach or abrasive chemical, as these can damage the finish of your tiles. Prepare your tile cleaner as directed on the bottle, making sure it is appropriate for the type of tile you are working with.


1) Dust the tiles thoroughly

Run the duster all over your tiles, making sure they are completely free of dust before you start cleaning - this stops you from rubbing more dirt in when you clean and seal the area.


2) Cover the area with tile cleaner

Use a cloth to wet the area to be cleaned with the tile cleaning solution - it's best to just work on one wall at a time. Leave it for ten minutes, or as long as the bottle recommends, to allow the solution to loosen any caked-on grime.


3) Scrub away!

Wearing the rubber gloves, give the tiles and grout a good scrub with the nylon brush, working in small circles. You should be able to see the results almost instantly, but be patient if a stain isn't coming out. For really tough stains, spray a little white vinegar on it and leave for a few minutes before trying again - this can be really effective against water stains.


4) Rinse and dry

Once your tiles are sparkling, rinse them off with clean warm water until all the foamy areas are gone, then dry thoroughly with a clean towel.


5) Seal

Finally, spray on or apply your tile and grout sealant to keep your good work locked in. This prevents moisture from re-entering the porous grout and discourages further build-up of mould.


Following these steps takes a lot of the hard work out of keeping your tiles clean and sparkling. Always check before using tile cleaning products to make sure they're appropriate for your type of tile.