How to Use Brass Effectively in the Home

Home improvement is a constant battle to get your home just the way you want it. One weekend, you’ll be painting the living room. The next, your kitchen will be getting a new breakfast table installed. When it comes to retiling, this is a big project.

It takes a lot of planning and preparation. So if you’re planning to make some major renovations, why not consider sprucing up the rest of the home with a little brass?

So what’s brass? Well, it’s an alloy made of copper and zinc. It’s one of the most common alloys available and is similar to bronze (replacing the zinc with tin). Brass is used the world over for a variety of things. It’s an excellent material to consider.


Image by Strangerhahaha / CC BY

Brass looks amazing anywhere, even under a microscope (seen above). It can provide a real added touch of design chic, and the best thing? It’s not as expensive as copper or bronze, but looks just as striking. Whilst steel and chrome have been the go-to metals in recent years, Brass is making a comeback. Originally, people viewed it as hard to clean. To solve this problem, many brass fittings in the home were lacquered. This reduced the difficulty in cleaning, but make it very shiny and garish. Now brass is back in its original form, allowing a home to have a very stylish and understated décor.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas,
Today’s home requires a more tacit approach. Brass can do this quite well in many rooms of the home. The two which stand out are the kitchen and bathroom. However, any room can benefit from a touch of brass.

Living room
Brass can be used effectively here in the form of a table lamp. Something vintage or even a little more contemporary means that you’re not drowning the habitat areas of your home in a vast amount of brass furnishings.
Likewise, if you have a larger dining area, then a brass candleholder is an excellent use of using a minimum amount of brass for a larger effect overall. Also, consider a brass-framed mirror, which looks amazing and classic.

The bedroom is your own personal space. So make it yours with a few brass additions. For example, see if you can find an antique brass clock for the dresser. Or throw a few pictures frames together at the end of the dresser. Bed-side lamps are also recommended as well, providing a classic symmetrical aesthetic in the room.

As the kitchen is one of the most frequented locations in the home, then here is where you can really use brass to an advantage. Hanging lights or pendant lights with brass shades are very subtle and eye catching. If you do want to really push the boat out, then having a brass cooker hood is something to consider. Combined with the right splash backs or tiling, your cooker hood will really stand out.

using brass in the kitchen

Image by graylivin / CC BY

The bathroom has just the right elements to make brass the perfect addition to your home design. Brass was often used for taps, which is convenient as this is where you’ll find the most in any home! You can also find that brass bath supports towel racks and light fittings will provide an excellent understated effect in the bathroom.

Regardless of which direction you want to take your home design, spare a moment to think about how brass is becoming a popular trend in 2014 and how it can certainly add a touch of the classic to any room.

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