8 Ways to Pimp Your Bathroom

The bathroom is without a doubt the room that people use on a daily basis. As it’s also the room your guests will no doubt visit too, many of us will spend the time and money on making our bathroom as visually stylish as possible.

However, if you really want to go the extra mile, then you can always ‘pimp’ your bathroom up even more with these amazing items….


Jet Pool

The ultimate statement of style and luxury for your bathroom may be a jet pool. Transform your boring old bathtub into a work of modern art that also provides health benefits. A jet pool not only gives you that amazing hydro massage that your body has been aching for, but it combines a modern aesthetic in terms of design that looks simply amazing.


Approx. Price - £10,000


Bathroom Mirror TV

So you have a mirror in the bathroom. That’s nothing new right? What IS new is the technology that allows you to combine your mirror with a state-of-the-art television display. Waterproof, this functions as a standard mirror when switched off. Switch it on and you’ve got a HD quality television display, perfect for when you’re relaxing in the bath.



Approx. Price - £300.00


Smart Tap

Water usage is something every home should keep an eye on. This innovative ‘smart tap’ uses motion sensor technology to cut down on water wastage. An LCD display shows temperature and if you forget to turn it off, the tap will simply turn off for you after a short period of time. Design-wise, it looks pretty sleek and highly modern. Whilst not available just yet, it’s only a matter of time before this amazing piece of bathroom equipment will be on the market.




Bath Sound System

For those who spend a lot of time in the bath, this might just be the best upgrade in a long time. A bath that is also a Bluetooth-operated sound system. Music, podcasts and news can all be streamed through your tub. When the tub is empty, it acts as the emitter and when full, you can hear and feel the sound pulsing through the water. Relaxing and innovative.



Approx. Price - £630.00


LED Temp Control

Looking very futuristic, this tap is very cool. And you’ll know just how cool it can get because the LED lighting ring glows blue for cold and red for warm. It has an easy-to-adjust pressure lever that also controls the temperature. You can get it in a nice matte powder-coat finish or even in polished chrome.



Approx. Price - £2,100.00


Hand Dryer/Tap

Whilst we all have handtowels, very few of us would dare to install a hand dryer in our own bathroom. Well, now you can combine both tap and dryer into one brilliant piece of kit. After washing your hands, the dryer can send out a blast of air that dries in around 15 seconds.



Approx. Price - £1,499.00


Underfloor heating

Pimping your bathroom doesn’t always have to mean showing off the goods. Installing these amazing underfloor heating panels means you’ve got a toasty reception whenever you’re taking a shower or bath in winter.



Approx. Price – Various


Pro Sunshower

As most people take a shower, it would be remiss not to include a stylish upgrade here. This Pro Sunshower combines the luxury of a powerful shower with the added bonus of a tanning salon at the same time! Perfect for those with hectic lifestyles who still want a little glamour adding to their bathroom. You might have to wait a while for these to arrive in the UK however.



However you want to pimp your bathroom, why not check out our stylish selection of floor and wall tiles which can enhance any interior designs.